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EIGER Samsung Galaxy A14 / A14 5G 3D Glas Case friendly Mountain Glass 3D clear/blackEGSP00879

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CHF 35.90
incl. VAT

Mountain Glass 3D screen protector

The Eiger Mountain Glass screen protector is made of high-quality tempered glass and offers excellent protection against scratches and bumps for your device.

Key features
  • Full screen fit - 100% screen coverage
  • Full frame protection with black acrylic edge that provides a seal against dust
  • High level of scratch and impact resistance (over 350N)
  • Scratch resistance value 7 on the Mohs hardness scale
  • Highly transparent, ultra-thin glass that enables a clear display and does not restrict touchscreen use
  • High-quality aluminosilicate glass - twice as strong as standard soda-lime glass
  • Compatible with most cases
  • Easy to apply without bubbles
  • Cardboard, back cover and paper sleeve are 100% recyclable
  • Cleaning kit included
  • 100,000-hour Eiger guarantee (10 years)
In the Box
  • 1x Eiger Mountain Glass 3D screen protector
  • 1x cleaning cloth
  • 1x microfiber cloth
  • 1x dust removal sticker
  • 1x instruction manual for easy installation
Perfect fit with 100% display coverage

The product is a full screen fit, which means it is designed to fit the exact shape of your smartphone display. It offers 100% screen coverage with edge-to-edge protection. This product is compatible with most phone cases. However, it may not fit rugged, thick cases that cover part of the screen.

Full frame protection with dust protection layer

The acrylic frame provides extra protection for your display and a seamless transition with your smartphone. The edges feature an anti-dust layer that prevents the edges of the tempered glass protector from lifting, which is a common problem with other rounded screen protector options on the market.

First-class quality & hardness as standard

Eiger tempered glass screen protectors are made from high quality tempered glass and high quality adhesive. This ensures excellent protection and adhesion. Using an Eiger Mountain Glass screen protector provides excellent protection for your device against drops, bumps and scratches. Our glass is twice as strong as conventional soda-lime glass and has been designed to withstand an impact force of more than 350N. In addition, it has been tested with a scratch resistance value of 7 on the Mohs hardness scale, which is the highest level achievable for all glass types except sapphire glass. This meets the industry standard of 9H on a pencil hardness test for display protection.

Highly transparent & responsive

Eiger Mountain Glass display protection enables a clear display. The ultra-thin glass does not affect responsiveness when using the touchscreen and feels as if it is not even there.

Installation instructions

Our screen protectors are easy to apply. However, to achieve the best possible result, we recommend that you follow the installation instructions carefully.

Cleaning kit

To ensure a safe, dust- and air bubble-free installation without lifting the glass, we supply a cleaning kit with a microfiber and a cleaning cloth as well as a dust removal sticker.

100,000-hour Eiger warranty

Eiger focuses on quality and offers a 100,000-hour guarantee (10 years) for manufacturing defects, such as material and processing faults. You will receive a replacement product if your Eiger Mountain Glass screen protector is defective*.

*Willful or accidental damage and normal wear and tear are not covered by this warranty.