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NEDIS Bluetooth-Vorhängeschloss für schlüssellosen BetriebLOCKBTP10GY

3 in stock
CHF 53.90
incl. VAT
This Bluetooth-access padlock has been designed for outdoor use so you can safely secure your luggage wherever you are carrying it - and you can unlock it hands-free using your phone.
Gone are the days of having to search for lost keys to your padlock - today you can unlock it by using your phone as the key.
A clever app allows you to grant others access to unlock your belongings, using their Bluetooth-enabled phone.
The stainless steel cable on this aluminium alloy padlock can be easily attached to your luggage to prevent unauthorised access.

- Bluetooth-controlled padlock - hands-free access via Bluetooth 4.0 and a phone
- Share access with friends - using the free app
- Replaceable battery (supplied) - offering over a year’s lifetime

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